Saturday, February 09, 2013

Muslim Reading Challenge

After reading Skunk Girl, I thought it would be fun to read more books that deal with Muslims. As a Muslim myself, there are not that many books about us and when there is, it isn't always in the best of light. Still, I wanted to read more books about Muslims, so I thought it would be fun to try a Muslim Reading Challenge. Not only because I wanted to see what was out there, but I also wanted to read a book and say, "Hey, I can relate to this."

If you have any books that come to mind, please let me know. I've made a list that is currently found on goodreads - you can see it here.

I think this will be a fun challenge. I'm usually a bit more critical when it comes to books about Muslims, so I'm hoping that this will also help me read the books for the sake of reading.

Anywho, I'm excited to see what books I'll be able to read.

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Lauren's Loquacious Lit said...

I read Does My Head Look Big in this by Randa Abdel Fattah and I liked it. It's about whether or not she should wear the hijab and how her peers will respond to her at school. She's written quite a few, her latest is called No Sex in the City/

There's also another book called Best Ramadan Ever by Medeia Sharif